I want to create my own business, what should I do?

HELLO! for our first article in this blog I have prepared an explanation of “what should I do to create my own business”, in very precise and summarized steps. Clearly without forgetting that this is not the only option you can find, there are many ways or techniques that can be followed, but this one that I have decided to share with you today, is a very good option that aims to cover all the fundamental aspects in a very simple way.

We take our own checklist or checklist but before starting this, we must be clear that it is a business, according to the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy is “What is the object or subject of a lucrative occupation or interest” and a businessman is a “Owner or manager of an industry, business or company”.

Now if we can start with our check list:

  1. The first check on our list is to be clear about the two fundamental problems for which our business can fail without even having started, the first is to be clear that to be able to have our own business we must invest a lot of time, do not fall into the error of believing that the business is created and maintained alone, on the contrary you need your responsibility, your order, your ideas and your time once you have it armed and it takes a stable time you can create strategies to be the owner and have all that time free you want. The second mistake is not to perform a proper strategy for your business since you start and for certain periods of time always thinking about the short, medium and long term.
  2. Know our motivation, which means why we want to open our business? What do we want to achieve? An example of motivations are: I want to open for personal development, I want to get money, I want more free time in the future, I want to develop my skills among others without a number of reasons. It is not an easy answer and it should not be just one, the important thing is that you are aware of your objective, this will keep you struggling to achieve what you have proposed. When we have achieved these answers we can move on to the next point on our list.
  3. What do I like to do? so I ‘m good? I have to answer these questions in order to have a prosperous business, because if I do not have skills, knowledge, passion or do not know where to look for extra help to start my business, I may never be able to do it. An example of this is: “I am good at cooking and I am not only good but I have also taken courses I have had work experience or I am simply natural to cook and I am the best at what I do, I like it! or on the contrary I came up with an idea to open my own florist I have a notion of flowers but I am not the best then I surround myself with a staff that is the best for this or took courses, I watch videos on youtube etc. but I will always look for an idea that I like, in which it is good or in which I can train because there are many hours that I will spend in this business and I will not be in a business that I do not like or in which I do not know what do, or because I’m doing it. 
  4. Identify what problem exists in relation to the idea of ​​my business and how I can solve the problem raised an example of this is, problem: in my city people in general do not have free time to make their own markets, nor do they have much money to make a market cost. solution, I’m going to create an application for my clients to ask for their market and my employees to take them to their homes and for the products to be very economical (APP Merqueo-Colombia), if on the contrary there is already what added value I can give them so that I differ from the competition. Example problem, the people of my city need to transport themselves in a public and comfortable service. Solution, public transport taxi ie there is already a service called taxi and initially solves the problem, so, I must add or create to differentiate my business from the taxi and it occurs to me that the service may be requested by an application , that I can pay with a credit card, that I can order it with more people or just for me, that tell me in advance how much my service will cost, that it is comfortable and have the music that I like, even though there was already a business similar I gave it an added value (example UBER-Paris).
  5. Make a business plan, in subsequent articles we will tell you step by step for the development of a good business plan but at this point we will explain in broad strokes that should be analyzed, clarifying that it is best to have all this written where you can review it again and again and if necessary, enter corrections: (define the idea of ​​the business / product / service / – identification of the target segment – deep analysis of competence – demand analysis – name – slogan – mission – vision – corporate image – corporate policies – corporate values ​​- initial chart and profiles – prices – distribution channels – sales policies – post sales service – financial ease – bank account creation – social political study – creation – fiscal obligations – schedule – cash flow – projection) among other points that must be done in a business plan.
  6. Perfect your product, you have to have an excellent product to have a good business and recognized as such, it is normal that your product may undergo changes in the way but the ideal is to get your product or service as well as you can your customers, what they will have a good product and they will be able to make suggestions, but they will not leave your side because they have an initially bad product. Example: I have a bakery and I take cakes and my cakes are very ugly because they do not perfect my product so the possible clients that I thought I would only buy one time and they will not come back because the product is not the best, on the contrary I take my time to perfect my product and took some very rich cakes and my clients recognize them as such but they give me suggestions like they should have less candy or take a line of cakes for diabetics or on the contrary take a course and improve my product to this I mean, when I say that the product can improve along the way but that it should have a very good start.
  7. Getting investors, this point is related to the previous point since you can have decided between two positions to do your business alone or get investors and if you decided this last you should know that there are several types of investors but those that can serve us starting are two types financial investor or the interventionist investor the first one only gives us money and expects profits the second one contributes money and intervenes with his knowledge and experience, about him in a later article we will talk to you.
  8. Learn about accounting, you do not have to be an expert and you can have extra help but it is always necessary that you know some basic things about your accounting, then we will talk about this topic.
  9. Establish a marketing campaign, currently you must not be an expert in marketing or have a PhD in this career to start there are many tutorial videos, blogs like this or books that explain how to make a good campaign and if you are organized and applied you can make your own campaign, later we will explain some tips to be able to make a good marketing campaign: (social networks, web pages, blog, etc).
  10. Hire the staff, only if necessary and according to your business plan you can start hiring staff.
  11. Start in an organized and motivated way because if we want to do things we can achieve any idea forward.

These steps are initial and are those that we recommend to start and have a basic idea of ​​how to create your own business, wait for more articles that will help you to create your own company and have control over it, if you liked this blog subscribe and you can receive much more general information about business, you can also write to the email gerenciaempresarial@zencillo.com and ask us questions that we will solve in the articles of the blog.

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