Hello! You are wondering why a technology company like us Zencillo Software has a blog, I want to clarify that question at first and the answer is very simple, we must first keep in mind TOWARDS WHO IS IT DIRECTED? for the person who wants to learn more about technology.

For those who want to grow their business and do not know how, who has the ideas but has no way to control them, yes! It is for everyone who is able to access the new era. The second, WHAT CAN YOU FIND IN THIS BLOG ?, You will find Zencillo, its products, its ideas but most importantly and our main objective is to provide information on solutions for your business and not only those related to our company but with a number of companies, as well educational spaces on different topics of interest, articles on marketing ideas, how to increase their sales, how to manage an accounting among others. And finally, WHAT DO WE WANT TO ACHIEVE? We want to achieve that together we can learn more, return one and more teachings that you have shared and requested, that you can understand the world of big companies. then WHY DO WE HAVE A BLOG? because we have experience on the different topics to be discussed in this blog, because we want to share that knowledge and because they have asked for it. Thank you, be able to advance zincillo backs you up!

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