In 2006, it started workingwith the government of Bolivia to encourage mass for natural gas vehicles and changing the energy matrix. Because we only had a fleet of 30,000 vehicles to CNG at the time, and the high cost of the subsidy for diesel and LPG was 180 million dollars nationwide.
At the request of the Superintendent of Hydrocarbons of Bolivia, Servipunto would implement TARIJA Software as a pilot test of the model (VALEOGAS) to the mass of natural gas to demonstrate the scope and functionality in 2006.

Through these pilots, the CNG Plan CNG conversions are increased 560% comparing the period from 2000 to 2005 versus 2006 2013.

During the years 2007 to 2012, the Bolivian government creates and regulates the standards required for Massification and Energy Matrix Changing, with the help and support of Zencillo Servipunto Software before. Thanks to its experience it meets all the involvement in this situation all the requirements of the Government of Bolivia.

In 2013, the Bolivian government with all the established laws nationwide tender to implement the Energy Matrix Change, giving it deserted. Tender internationally where his Zencillo Software Model Valeogas is the only one that meets the requirements and earns this award.

To implement in 45 days for the whole operation Transformation, Conversion, Maintenance and Requalification of CNG vehicles nationwide

How did we do it?
Valeogas web platform was implemented including the Bolivian Government requirements, taking all participating entities into account, such as: Service stations, Conversion Workshops, and Government and Control Entities.

Zencillo Software manages the operation, with different leading edge technology, of CNG Massification Programs in coordination with the sectors involved in the CNG chain. The Valeogas model generates savings for the State, savings for the beneficiary, efficient use of economic resources, economic and financial self-sustainability of the invested resources, recovery of invested resources; exploiting the CNG benefits in each stage of the energy matrix change.

The energy matrix change model VALEOGAS implemented by Zencillo SOFTWARE CORPORATION corresponds to the principles: efficiency in the use of economic resources, financial self-sustainability, social inclusion, development of the national productive sector that guide the Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy, of the Government of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

Besides, the applied model so not only represents significant resource savings to the Plurinational State of Bolivia but also generates surplus in the economy of the social sectors, beneficiary organizations and thousands of CNG users and families.

Bolivia currently has the “CNG Vehicle Conversion Program”, the “Requalification Program and / or Replacement of CNG Cylinders” and “Diesel to CNG Transformation Program” Integration of information.

The success of these programs leads to continue designing new ways to generate profit through the use of Natural Gas Vehicles.

Integration of information.
The Valeogas WEB platform allows governmental entities to record all information of beneficiaries and control the status and level of development of each request from the requirement for conversion or processing to delivery.

Conversion and transformation workshops control their internal operation for each vehicle, recording the process and traceability of installed components, extended to the point of generating a collection account for the government on each vehicle that is transformed or converted.
At service stations automation of all processes is promoted. Generating control over fuel delivery and collected on account of the transformation or conversion. To consolidate all the operation information nationwide with dedicated access to the different entities.
The beneficiary of the energy matrix change can manage his/her payments directly to service stations at the time of gas load and access his/her payment information on the Valeogas web platform.