Until 2011, the marketing process for a food distributor was to spend an entire day of your salespeople taking orders in written form through a book, this procedure took about 10 minutes with each client, in the best scenario could take up to 30 orders per day.

After the vendors taking orders delivered in the collection center stubs to a third person who should organize and review each document and an extended day, forcing overtime generation, should make every customer bills for distribution the following day. Since it was not possible in advance to have the products and quantities requested by customers winery team had no choice but to organize its work late in the morning to meet the programmed route the night before.

Due to the monthly closing processes mentioned had even more complex as the person in charge must manually register each of invoices generated in the month and to be an activity-dependent human error possible triggering increased at inconvenient for fiscal closures .

Despite taking strategies and emergency measures to mitigate the difficulties of daily activities, the company could not improve their productivity and develop projects seeking to increase sales, improve customer service and / or expand their product lines

Improve productivity in the business process to increase sales.

Reduce the time and resources of logistics operations. Optimize information management inventory.
Develop strategies to improve customer service and hence the image of the company.
Automate sales information, billing and portfolio to streamline processes and reduce errors.

Zencillo Connect a mobile application to manage business and reduce operating expenses. All business processes integrated into a single platform in the cloud. You can place orders or pre-orders, generate cash receipts, invoice instantly, affect inventory online; as well as updating all sales, collections and portfolio information.


With the implementation of the Zencillo Connect system, the distribution company achieved:

1. Reduce the times in taking orders from an average of 10 minutes per customer to less than 3 minutes.
2. As a result of the reduction in marketing times, the increase in the clients visited was notable, at around 60% and as a result the increase in sales and revenues.
3. Substantial decrease in errors in the information provided.
4. Logistics operation costs decreased.
5. The possibility to invoice and make cash receipts directly.
6. Affect the inventory in real time to guarantee the opportunity of replenishment and customer compliance.
7. Optimize the picking of orders to ensure efficiency in the distribution routes.
8. Reduce administrative operations and be more effective in accounting information.
9. Use technology such as Smartphone and online tablets efficiently manage sales information, collection, inventory, portfolio, visit schedule.
10. Focus on the planning of growth and improvement strategies instead of the operation.