In 2005, Gas and gasoline service stations that were sales leaders already offered an optimum level of service to their customers and were looking forward to becoming more competitive and increasing their sales. Thought not to compete with other stations offering discounts as this usually ended in a price war.

Designing an online multisector loyalty system to manage and control the entire process and to allow points, prizes, raffles, sweepstakes, surveys and complaints, loyal, covered vehicles, renovation services, customer sectorization and zoning, customer stratification, loyalty entities control and monitoring, call center, and customer tracking management, and finally to support the relationship marketing and personal marketing.

An innovative system integratingsoftware, hardware and communications to support the whole process of customer loyalty, which can also be integrated into the automation system Servipunto CNG and Liquid forecourt automation or third party systems in different service stations was developed.

1. Colombia’s first system that can integrate companies that already have a loyalty system.
2. Sales increase at associated service stations wasachieved up to 45 percent.
3. Integration of different types of businesses such as service stations, shopping centers, Chain Restaurants, Clothing Stores, Hardware Stores, etc.