In 1996, the service stations of Liquid Fuels in Colombia manually manage and control the information of islands occupying most of the day in this work and relying on programs such as Excel, Access and other third parties, without having an automatic control, with inefficient tracking and non-integrated packages. This means that the information is dispersed and an easy and quick audit can not be done, also that it is more delayed in the decision-making process since analytical information is not available in time.

Manage and control in a systematized and integrated way the administrative parts, convenience store, service center and islands.

The staff that manages the station already has an integrated system for its management and that of attached businesses. Saving processes, time and costs.

Liquids service stations and companies with stations managed to control and manage their stations through a single system, which allows them to reduce processes, expenses and increase their sales.

A fully integrated system for petrol service stations was developed, covering all areas such as islands, tanks, convenience store, service center and all administrative management (inventories, billing, portfolio, cash, purchases and accounts payable).